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The following lists provide access to BoomSpeak postings prior to 2014. They are separated as Essays, Arts, Health,Travel and Fiction.


I Remember Coffee

Social Shopping Brings Peer Review to Web

All But the Squeal

Shouldn't We All Have Just One Name

Too Late to Be A Rockstar

Marching for Peace -- Again

Our Music the Soundtrack for Selling

Confessions of a Serial Remodeler

Custodial Spanish

Instant Messaging Makes You Think Faster

The Geezer Factor

Brain Aerobics Class

Guardian of the Temple

Advanced Skiing at an Advanced Age

Taking Mom for A Ride

Yawning During Sex

I Want Candy

We Drown Cell Phones

Happy to Take Your Boomer Money

Generations X, Y and Z

At Home with Mom

Old Dog Learns New Tricks

Paging Senator Craig

Let's Let Elder Lie

Fall into the Sandias

What's Opera Doc?

No Body Parts at the Table

Multi-Cultural Thanksgiving

The Conflicts of Boomerdom

Possessions Have to Go

Sixty or Thereabouts

Me, Jane

Product Placement Notes

4 Hour Work Week

Saturday Ecstasy to Agony

Laughter in Right Place, Wrong Time

Coffee, Black

Yammer Jammer

Copyright Rant

Aging Gracefully

Retirement: Reward or Obligation

The Backyard Ecosystem

The Blame Game Sucks

Stay Tuned for Act II


Just Keep Working

The Vikings Are Coming

Playing the Mom Game

Gray Matters

Retirement Income Obsession

Menopauseland? Give Me A Break!

Forget Mars -- Let's Start Colony Here

Like a Fish in Water

Aging Fast at H&M

Survival of the Fifties

Retirees in Big Houses

You Know You're A Geezer When...

Made in the Shade

Whoopee! We Can Work Longer

Fruits of Our Labor

Somethin' Tells Me I'm Into Something Good

I Love Being 62


They're All A-Twitter

Mom Wins the Gold

Tel-Spell Madness

Aging With Delight and Grace

Whatever Happened to Driving Nowhere

Life As A Rerun

The Vocabulary of Autumn

Cheer Up

Chamisa and the Monarch Butterfly

We Got Game Still

The Early Bird Pact


Get Some Sleep

Risky Business

Boomer Targeted Technology

Unnatural Acts

Revelation Road

The Waiting Game

You Like Us...You Really Like Us

Hair, Hair

Being In the Place of Not Knowing

This Is My Father's Oldsmobile

Barbie Is A Boomer?

Out of Work Boomers On Facebook?

Gallows Humor for Gallows Economy

Pillage and Plunder

Kidless Communities: The Next Ghetto

Fight Frump With Blue Thongs

Boomers Hot for Tats

Messengers of Bad Tidings

Accidental Life

It's Naptime in America

Is Age Just a Number?

About this Twitter Phenomenom

Vanessa's New Baby

Superconductor in Your Shower

Finally, A Bridge to Somewhere

Teacher, Mother or Nurse

Humidity Dampens My Spirit

It's Weisure Time

Deathwatch? Got Better Things to Do

Memories On A Roll

Water and Me

Going Up Country

Prickly About Shaving

Can We Meet Big Bird?

Docs Weigh In On Healthcare Reform

House Shrinks

Garden Dreams


The Gray Ceiling

Killer Algae

Dos-y, Tres-y, and I

Hey Buddy, Can You Spare A Job?

What's That Smell?

Oprah Throws In Towel

The Memory Keeper

Holding On to the Magic

We Can't Be That Bad -
They Keep Coming Back

Grammar? What's That?

I Start Dim and Get Brighter

Go Ask Your Mother

Show Me the Discount

My Name Is Khan

The Blame Game: Part 67

American Gourmet

You Don't Need No Stinkin' Job

Reality Bytes

Simple Plan for Old Age

Hey, We're Vintage Now!

Earyl Adapter...Cure or Lure

Job Boom for Boomers

Lao-tzu Who?

Smells Fishy to Me

How Much Stuff Is Enough?

10 Spoilers: They Died

Midlife Is New Coming of Age

Losing It

Papa He Say Holey Moley

Casual Fridays to Extreme

Move Over Cottonheads

Going to the Show

Coke Memories

Simple Things

Getting Older Just by Reading the Numbers

Sweet Surrender

A Long and Winding Boomer Road

Facebook Wants to Own It All

Time to Feel the Burn Again

Dimension or Dementia

Learning to Retire

The Resiliency of Mother Nature

Adult Sesame Street?

Risky Frisky

Hand Over the Keys, Pops

Oh, Thank Google

What's Holding Up Retirement

Boomers Getting Social

Pig In A Python


Electric Boogaloo

Who Can You Believe?

Cash or Charge?

You Think You're Tired

No Worse Curse

Do We Have to Call It the Senior Center?

401 Freefall

The Gray Blues

Boomers Take Over the Movies

Blue About Modern Jeans

The Exercise Guy

End of A Demo

Look On the Bright Side

Can Boomers Live Forever

Attitude Adjustment

New Career for Boomers

Surprise Party for Boomer Offspring

Parenthood Has a Cleavage Problem

They Really Like Us

Retirement Envy

Boomer Dating Manual Circa 1963

What Did You Used to Be?

Breaking Up Not So Hard To Do

The Grand Life

Closed Mind vs. Open Mind

Rulers of the Burbs

The Dating Game

Who You Calling Old, Pal?

Rock Writers

Das Verkkampers

Un, Deux Tetons

Life Preservers

Brain Drain

Are You Hip to the Latest Slang?

Peregrine Justice on the Left Coast

Make Up Your Mind!

Worth Your Weight in Gold

No Forever 61?

Save Me A Big Cardboard Box

Boomer Dream Cars

Curmudgeon's Theory of Social Media

Are Boomers Happier Than Their Kids?

What Golden Years?

Live-In Dating Service

Will to Live Trumps Living Wills

Put Your Money in Ambulances

I'm Gonna Live Forever

The Essence of Yo

Boomers Suffering from Withdrawal?

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine


Messages from Beyond

Going It Alone

Assisted Living -- Can't Wait

Obsession? Books!

Retirement? It's A Killer for the Wife

Boomer Cougars On the Prowl

Workplace Bullies

Why Boomers Rock

Throw The Sob Story on the Slush Pile

Cloak of Invisibility

Buying A Bathing Suit

A to Zero



Bared Knees

I Can Remember Where But Not When

Who Says Boomers Are Selfish?

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Duck and Cover

Social Media -- Oxymoron?

Mo' Boom

Gray Hair Isn't What Ages Us

Shacking Up

Declaring War on Seriousness

Show Me the Money

Left Coast Take on Death

So A Priest Walks into a Gym...

So Long Twinkie Defense

The Language of Standing in Line

It's Sleepy Time

A Healthy Day Ends at 1am

Come Fly With Me

Here's Looking at You Kid

Housework Hoax

Home is Where the Cat Is

Baby Boomer Hangout

The 65+ Club

Star-crossed Trends?

Mo' Babies Please

Encore My Ass

You Know You're Gettin Old....

Pick a Name...Any Name

We Got Game

An Uplifting Read

Hip Displacement

Cheap Is the New Black

Remembering the Milky Way

We're Not Stealing Your Stinkin' Jobs









Basket Art - An Appreciation

Latter Day Classic Movies on DVD - Part 1

But It's Still Rock and Roll to Me

Lunch Box Nostalgia

Storm Tossed Wood to Furniture and Sculpture

Boz Scaggs Gets Into Pandora's Box

Green with Envy for Guiltless Gold

40,000 Year Old Art Tradition

Kandinsky Better Artist Than Lawyer

Glass Artists See Right Through It

Welding as an Artform

Bringing Back the Fillmore Concerts

iTunes, You Tunes, We All Tunes for iTunes

Edible Art --Artisanal Bread

More Parts for Over 40 Actors -- Big Deal

Wolfgang Tillmans Conceptual Photographer

Polka or Just Glad to See Me

Got a Fetish for Zuni Fetishes

Musical Tastes Are A-Changing

Until the Fat Man Sings

The Nature of Photography

Secret Stash of Art

At the Movies with Gangsters and Lions

Another Look at Andy Warhol

Who the Hell Is Banksy?

But That's Not All Folks

Making a Splash in L.A.

MOCA Arté In New York

Real Basket Case

Remember Rivera

Bolshevik Rocks!

Guy Billout So Surreal

Rock and Roll Cadillaces - Led Zep

Boz Scaggs Has the Lowdown

England Swings to Bailey

Visionary Art Brut Caesar

Harry Nilsson, Schmilsson

Star Trek All Over Again

Woodstock Redux

Hair Revival

Tracy Nelson - Hippy to Country Queen

Road Trip!

It Was Psychedelic, Man!

Buffalo Springfield Again

40 Years Young -- Taj Mahal


Oh, Eddie!

Howdy Doody -- No Strings Attached

Out of the Clear Blue Western Sky

Lunch With Soupy

Let's Twist Again

Whole Earth Catalog...We Need You

Beware of the Blob!

Crimson and Clover, Over and Over

The Many Faces of Dylan

Keith's In the Loo

Cezanne, Synergy, Stumble

Against the Tide of Rising Conformity

The Night I Met Jimi Hendrix

Boomers Revel in Surf Culture

How Would You Like to Be Queen for a Day

Tumblin' Tumbleweed

Inside Gilligan's Island

Living Color for Kukla, Fran & Ollie

Not So Easy Rider


What Happened to Ken?

The Dance Party Lives On

Friday Night Lights

Baby Boomers "Open" Up Marriage

Midnight In Paris

Ugly Art in Chicago

Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi

Oh Robbbb!

Dig That Lava Lamp!

When the Boomer World Was MAD

Got Disco Fever

Gorgeous George

Cavalcade of Lesser Horrors

Shall We Play A Game?

Baby Boomers Loved their Bellbottoms

Boomers Invented Reality TV

How's That Again?

Land of Dreams

Cigarette Cowboys

Cowboy Talk

Boomer Decor

How's My Driving?

Big Red Menace



A Black and White Christmas

Can You Hear Me Now?

The Burden of Virginity

The Electric Roller Coaster Ride

Miss Brenda

Notes from the Lab Line

Out of Body Experienced

Oh Yeah, That's Nothing

The Glory of Cleats

Someone in Nigeria Could Make You Rich

Now the Cat's Learned Yoga

A Girl You Can Not Say No To

Driving Miss Crazy

You Can't Handle the Truth

Waiting for Mail

Looking for Adventure

Pass the Soma

I'll Be Right Back

Why Must It Be 5 O'Clock Somewhere

Kill All the Skateboarders

Move Over Mrs. Lincoln

Who Shoots Elephants in their Pajamas

I'll Give You a Driveway Moment

Mom and Dad are Having Sex?

How Fish Get Caught

Got Your Poem Today

Feeling the Pain of Love

Off The Rails

The Old Packard

What's Your Hurry

OMG Moments

Two Degrees of Separation

Confessions of a Wal-Mart Greeter

The GPS Trap

The Tentative Kidnappers

Yeast Roll Nostalgia

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Twinos - Part 1

White Squirrel In a Gray Squirrel World

Too Much Tuna Fish

Ode to Deli

The 18 Minute Gap

The House Is A Man-Eater

Round and Round She Goes

Illusive Mountain

Todo El Camino

Twinos - Part 2

Tattoo Me

In Jeopardy

World Full of Plus

With A Dream

Memory Aids

Five Words

Grocery Store Mayhem

Strike at the Kennecott Mine


Twinos - Part 3

Call II

What He Said

They Go Camping

Read the Code

Soot in the Boom Boom Room

Hey, Hey, Hey

A New Trail

Mother Island

Shut Up and Write

Words and Music II

Camp Domestic







Breathing Break Soothes the Mind

Need to Know Sanskrit to Benefit from Yoga?

Fitness Vacations

Going Out for Thai and Feeling the Burn

Find the Personal Trainer that Works for You

Pilates Springs to Life

Sandwich Generation Needs Solutions

Pain Goes Up In Smoke

And You Thought You Were a Picky Eater

What Was It I Wanted to Tell You

Mountaineer Rest Step Makes the Grade

Stay Sharp -- Eat Your Veggies

Meditate on This for a While

Can I Hear You Now?

Living With Bots

Old Man's Eyes

Honey Be Good

Old Sex Is New?

A Dentist's Dream

Never Too Late -- Unless You're Dead

Men and Women Are Different

How Did You Sleep?

How Safe Is Teeth Whitening?

Tai Chi and Me

Nap for Better Performance

Miles for Smiles

What the Hell is Melatonin?

Nothing Routine about Mammogram

Happy Trails to You

Weak in the Knees

8 Glasses of Water Per Day?

Cramps Caused By Muscle Damage

Pomegranates -- More Than Stained Fingers

Avoid Heatstroke - Know When to Stop

Lower Your Chances of Dying Early

Measure Abdominal Fat -- Not Just Weight


Eggs Increase Risk for Diabetes?

Greater Endurance With Aging

Soundscape Opens Closed Chakras

Experiment Today

Osteoporosis in Menopausal Women

Caffeine and Alzheimers

New Rules for Sunscreens

Ode to Oatmeal

Junk Food Alters Stomach Bacteria

Why You Should Exercise Every Day

Protein After, Not During Exercise

Heavy Weight Not Needed for Muscle Growth

Feel the Heat

Calorie Kings

Love Your Body

Ultimate Baby Boomer Diet

Hot Weather Exercise - What to eat

Tori, Tori, Tori

Telemeres, TV and Trickery

The Nose Knows

Twist and Shout

Exercise Makes You Smarter

Recovery from Muscle Soreness

It's Okay to Love Food

Butt Watching

What's An Old Lady Shoe

Up in Smoke

Not Deaf, But My Hearing Has Changed

Zestra Zapped

Weight Debate

Boomers Love Their Coffee

Yoga with Seniors

Death by Bread

What's the Big Deal about Aging

A Hearty Meal

Easy to Be Cool








Road through Agra

An American in Pakistan

The Deserted-on-an-Island List

Journals Recreate the Memories

From Pop-Top Hippy Bus to Sleek Eurovan

Yosemite -- Real Nature, Not Disney

Grown Ups Play Hide and Seek for Cache

Put the Clown Head Back, Eh?

London Calling

Give Peace A Chance

Tuesday Goes Missing in Florence

There's Something About Mexican Time

On the Road Again for 55ers

Yin and Yang of Amstersdam

Relaxing at 7,000 Feet

A Walk On the Old Side of Montreal

Honeymoon in Times Square

Deep into the San Juan Islands

Best Dang Food in Hutto

Fringe Time in Edinburgh

Come On Up to Jerome, Arizona

Bluebird Cafe of Happiness

A Walk on the Edge

Magical City of Valencia

Everyone Is Going to Dubai

Shanghai the Next New York?

Inside Austin City Limits

S.E.X. Trip Keeps Us in Stitches

Paradise on Sanibel Island

Pinball Wizard's Delight


Don't Dring the Black Fanta

Unlocking the French "R"

No Tengo La Tango

Through A Glass Clearly

Traveling Against Advice

To Have and To Hail

Queen of the Road Part 1

Excusez-moi madame...

It's Huatulco Time!

Boomers in Belize

Quelle Pain in the Nuque

Lost and Found In Mexico

Mucho Colores

El Jefe

Dumbing Down My French Accent

Gotta Learn the Language

Chez La Dentiste

Me and My Village

Can You Hear Me Now

Diplomatic Relations

English As A Second Language

The Tamale Miracle

El Macheté

Home Is Where the Heart Is

There's Too Much Blood In My Alcohol System

The Feds Got It Right

When Fish Fly

Shopping for American Groceries in France

You Can't Always Get What You Want

Getting the Hang of It

A Mango A Day

It's Menudo Man

South of the Border Bathroom (T)issues

Quiero Taco Bell

Bellevue: A Place to Work

So That's Where the Rum Went

Baby Boomer Reverie

I See Paris, I See France

My Clothes Are Feeling Portuguese

Packing for Paris

Living in the Whoosh

Don't Mess With My Whip

Chef de Casa

Dictee de la Baie

Nuts in the Trees

Backyard Pool in Portugal

Who Is the Parisian Male?

Green Flash or Hot Flash?

French Phrase Books for Slang

A Chile Rellenos Affair

Travel Bumps Are First Marital Test

Over River and Through the Woods


Things That Work

Sole Searching

Backstage at Metallica

Love, Mexican Style

The Original Gated Community

Tortillas -- The Real Deal

Outono in Salir

Taco the Iguana

Paris Taxi Drivers Patron Saint

Boomers on the Rock

On the Way to Summer

The Magical French Oil

Thinking of Moving? Don't Come to Minnesota

Park Your Carcass

Iconic Views of Paris