10 Spoilers: They Died

Michael from LostHaving a lead character die during a successful run of a TV series, used to be away for the actor to move on to bigger and better things, but now it’s just another jerk on our emotions in an attempt to create buzz.

Check out these ten characters who died in Tee Vee series during the run:

1. Mrs. Landingham – West Wing. Why isn’t this in reruns instead of another Law and Order?

2. Adriana – Sopranos. Wham, Blam-Blam, thank you ma’am.

3. Nate – Six Feet Under. Can’t argue with the logic of having a TV show about death have a main character die.

4. Dr. Mark Greene – ER. Smarmy little fart deserved the fate. (The character, not the actor. I don’t know the actor personally, do you?)

5. Denny – Izzie’s boyfriend on Grey’s Anatomy. She was way to hot for him anyway. Even in scrubs.

6. Mr. Hooper – Sesame Street. This was a real blow to my psyche. Sesame Street did a great job of bringing me back from the brink.Colonel Blake

7. Lt. Colonel Henry Blake – M*A*S*H*. Yes, I sat instunned silence as Radar read the bulletin to a packed O.R. I still do even though I’ve seen the episode a bazillion times.

8. Somebody on Lost – never got into the program, and seems like there were three years that passed between seasons. I can’t remember what I watched this morning.

9. Edith Bunker – All in The Family. Now that was sad.

10. Hoss – Bonanza. He really died, but I can’t remember if it was worked into the series.

Speaking of death, when will Dexter be on again?

Mark Van Patten writes a blog called Going Like Sixty and has been married to the same woman since 1968.

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