Hooray -- I LOVE being 62

birthday cakeWell, I've finally done it. I've accepted that I really am 62. Yahoo! What's great about that is that I can gracefully move forward with who I am. No secrets, no shame ... only pride and honesty.

Point: Always love who you are!

I've never been one to lie about my age, but I noticed the last couple of years that I would sort of circumvent it. There were two main reasons for that: 1. I feared I might not get hired for my consulting and speaking services because of "age discrimination" and 2. I thought men wouldn't be interested in me at this age. My preconceived notion about this is that they "all" want younger women. Well, you know what, I find younger men much more attractive too. Our radar is still ... young!

Well, my age is now a Non-Issue. I'm 62 and damn proud. I don't look 62, I don't act 62, and for the most part I don't feel 62 -- well, except for when I first wake up in the morning, with those damn aches and pains.

Point: I'm ready to embrace 62 as my age of wisdom.
I've done a lot, accomplished many things, am credentialed birthday cake candlesup the wazoo -- people want me for all of that and probably don't give a damn about the age. And, if they do ... well, it's their loss.

Yes, I'm 62, but I'm not ready to collect my social security. I wish to all those who are ready, that they do it; but me, I'm not ready. I earn too much money and would have to give that up; I want to wait til I'm 70 and then get twice as much money monthly when I need it. End of story.

Point: So, what about you ... are you embracing your boomer age -- whatever it is?
We are the knowledge-bearers for our families and for our workplaces. We have wisdom. We are worthy of respect. As a woman, I'm a crone -- a wise woman. I love that. As arrogant as I am, I can run around telling everyone that in Native American tradition, I AM Wise Woman. Yahoo!

I hope you'll run around your world embracing the beauty of who you are.

Happy embracing.

Ann Fry calls herself Head Boomer but she's also a professional speaker, trainer and corporate coach. You can read about her company at It's Boomer Time or check out her blog or have fun solving serious problems at Humor University.

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