A Breathing Break Soothes the Mind and Body

heartdiagramMany baby boomers have days when we constantly juggle three or four tasks at once. Making time for parents, children, our jobs and a myriad of obligations, we barely have time to breathe. And that’s the irony, because if we took the time to do a little breathing, it would energize us to get more done.

Whether you’re behind a desk or at the kitchen table, you can follow these simple guidelines to breathe and to stretch. Stretching isn’t a cure for everything, but sometimes the key to relieving tension is only a few breaths away.

Your Breath

  • Sit in a comfortable position.
  • Begin to breath through your nose. With each inhalation, feel your belly rising. Exhale through your nose and notice the how your belly recedes.
  • Continue for ten breathes or anytime through out the day to relieve tension and stress.

Your Neck

  • Sit and look straight ahead.yogapose2
  • Inhale, turn your head gently to the right. Exhale and bring your head back to center. Repeat to left side.
  • Repeat to both sides 3 times.
  • Sit and look straight ahead.
  • Inhale and bring your right ear down to meet you right shoulder. Exhale and bring you head back to center. Repeat on opposite side.
  • Repeat each side 3 times.

Your Shoulders

  • Bring your hands on top of your shoulders, palms down.
  • Keep you hands on your shoulders,  inhale and bring your elbows down and out to the side
  • Exhale and bring your elbows forward and down.
  • Repeat 5 times.

Your Back

  • Sit gently with your back erect and your hands on your knees.climber
  • Inhale , lift up you chest and arch your back. Exhale and round your back, head falling forward.
  • Repeat 5 times slowly.

Your Eye – Relieve Eye Strain

  • Refocus your eyes every ten minutes by looking out of a window or redirecting you gaze.
  • Slowly roll your eyes in circles and side to side.
  • Take your hands, rub them together and then place your warm palms on your closed eyes.

Allow yourself regular opportunities to breathe and stretch, and you may discover that you juggle less and have more time for the life you want.

Susan Kramer, RYT200 is a certified yoga instructor ( who lives in Annapolis, Maryland. She knows firsthand about the healing powers of yoga.

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