Paradise Is Closer Than You Think On Sanibel Island

valencia streetAsk your friends to describe their ideas of a perfect vacation, and you'll likely get a variety of different responses. Some want adventure and thrills. Others yearn to experience exotic locations. And there are those who just want to relax on a quiet beach. Regardless of what folks are looking for in a perfect vacation, they're sure to find it at any one of the many resorts on Sanibel Island.

Highly rated as one of the world’s perfect vacation destinations, Sanibel Island hosts thousands of visitors each year. Travelers come from far and wide to search for seashells along the endless white, sandy beaches and to get up close and personal with hundreds of birds, reptiles and mammals thriving in their native habitat amid the J. N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge.

The booming tourist industry has, thankfully, not marred the island’s natural beauty. Instead, it’s supported a marked increase in the number of well-appointed resorts on Sanibel Island. Enterprising landowners have embraced the need for comfortable accommodations and today’s travelers have many options to choose from.

Most resorts on Sanibel Island cater to families, although l'oceanograficthere are a select few that provide services with romantics and mature adventurers in mind. Regardless of the type of resort you’re looking for, you’re bound to find comfortable accommodations and wonderful dining choices. These resorts offer the very best of everything Sanibel Island is famous for.

Traditional Casa Ybel Resort

Casa Ybel Resort is the epitome of old island spirit, and mirrors the sort of personal sanctuary that Sanibel Island provides. Located on a shell-studded sandy beach along Florida’s southwest coastline, guests at Casa Ybel can spend days gathering seashells along the shore, or simply soaking up the sub-tropical climate. This is one of the best-known beachfront resorts on the island, located within a comfortable drive from the Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers.

South Seas Island Resort

If you love modern and luxurious accommodations and dining choices, consider booking your vacation at the South Seas Island Resort on Sanibel Island. The owners have invested more l'hemishpericthan $140 million in renovations, transforming the resort into a luxurious tropical getaway. If you’re a golfer, you’ll also love the South Seas Island Resort for incredible links with a view of the Gulf of Mexico.

Sanibel’s Sundial Beach and Golf Resort

Perhaps the most comprehensive resort on Sanibel Island is the Sundial Beach and Golf Resort. To say there’s “something for everyone” at this tropical playground would be a serious understatement.

The resort is knows as “centerpiece of the Island”, providing visitors with the degree of comfort and pleasure one would expect from a classic Florida resort. Visitors to Sundial Beach can swim in the crystal waters, frolic along the magnificent beach and explore miles of paved Island pathways on foot or bicycle.

West Wind Inn Resort

Sometimes, you just need to leave the day-to-day stress behind and enjoy a little pampering. The West Wind Inn is one of the most highly acclaimed resorts on Sanibel Island. Here, friendly and professional staff members treat every guest with stress-free service. The private beach is a lovely bonus with white sand, warm waters and of course, those magnificent seashells that make Sanibel Island world famous.

Whether your vision of a perfect vacation involves a pair of hiking boots, a set of golf clubs or just a beach chair and a pair of shades, the resorts on Sanibel Island are waiting to make your dream of paradise a reality.

Columnist Velda Johnes is a contributor to several Internet sites, on recreation travel and sports recreation subjects.

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