Living in the Whoosh

fireworks behind churchIt is the season of the whoosh. From the end of November to the beginning of February here in Xico we are in a celebration mode. All of it is religious in origin. Then there are the fireworks.

These days the blasts start about 4 AM local time and continue unpredictably throughout the day.

Well, almost unpredictably. There is the whoosh before the burst. It is kind of a sucking sound that releases from the rockets heading skyward.


The good thing is the very loud and close by explosions will almost always be preceded by the whoosh, putting one on notice that in 3 or 4 seconds your ears will be shutting down – an explosion is eminent.

Most of the fireworks are not the colorful type – this is about noise and little more.

The community often uses fireworks like church bells – Mexican fireworksto put people on notice that something will soon occur. A Rosary reading in front of one of the many cathedrals, the raising of an Arco that will lean against and decorate the entrance of a church or a call to gathering to head to Mexico to the Virgin’s Church and more.

In six years we have not figured out much of the fireworks codes – we just know that the process occurs. It is probably similar to living in a war zone where occasional rocket burst occur daily – the difference being these whooshes and booms do not instill fear and loathing – maybe some loathing at 4 AM.

The whoosh is a way of life in our little town – come and check it out.

John Calypso lives in Veracruz, Mexico. Back in the 60s, he was a very hip guy living in Hollywood and rubbing shoulders with Beatles and Monkees. Read lots more in his blog, Viva Veracruz.

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