Shall We Play A Game?

online gameIs gaming online just for the kids?

Nope. Geezers can benefit too…

The fastest growing segment of the population to find and enjoy online games is the over fifty set.

While some might see the games as a waste of time, studies do show there are possible health advantages of playing.
While there has not been a link that shows playing online games reduces the change of getting Alzheimer or dementia, playing may slow down the progress. Even so, there are benefits of playing. When learning something new, your brain creates new synapses that form between neurons. This creates thousands of new connections. These new connections can also be used for other tasks in the brain, as well.

This only happens when a person is learning something new. If you have played a game over and over, there is no learning taking place. Also, picking up a game now and then for a couple of minutes won’t provide this benefit. You must actual be learning and improving your game play.

Studies have shown that memory and cognitive ability can improve when playing a game that is complex and needs a strategy to be successful. Focus is improved as well in the “senior brain” when trained to play these games.

Eye hand coordination, thinking skills, visual recognition skills, and increased memory are all possible health benefits when utility these games. You’ve heard about the nursing homes that are hooking up to online games via Wii and Xbox, right?

Some geezers also find the games relaxing. Instead, of coming home and spending the evening watching TV, they are turning to the internet and online gaming.  Think online gamesWords with Friends and online poker etc.

Playing a complicated game with a lot of strategy takes concentration. It allows the person to forget the rest of the world and enjoy what they are doing. It is difficult to concern yourself with a small problem when your mind is engaged with a task.

Other seniors find that playing online games give them a connection to the outside world. Through the online gaming community, they are able to meet and make friends they might not otherwise have an opportunity to meet. These relationships help lift their spirits and give them a sense of purpose they might have otherwise lost. When someone knows that a friend is waiting for them, even online, it makes them feel needed and necessary, which is important for everyone.

The gaming community can help reduce the feeling of isolation that geezers may feel.
There are many health benefits of gaming for geezers. It can improve their memory and make us feel connected to the outside world, so next time you have a couple of hours to spend, maybe you should play a game.

P.S. Try Big Fish Games for your first foray into gaming. 


Mark Van Patten writes a blog called Going Like Sixty and has been married to the same woman since 1968, and now lives in the higlands of Costa Rica.

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