A Chile Rellenos Affair

chiles rellenos preparationWe are big fans of chile rellenos. This translates into stuffed chilies. They are greasy and the stuffed pepper can pack a bit of a wallop – but yum! – They are scrumptious!

My sweet and considerate esposa decided to tackle the project of preparing the coated stuffed peppers yesterday afternoon. They would be stuffed with tuna or cheese.

A mixer was needed to blend the coating. While borrowing the device, a couple lady friends’ mouths watered when Anita explained why she needed the electric beater. The three ladies agreed to work together ultimately preparing a large batch of both varieties of chile rellenos.

Before it was all done two more ladies joined the project. My amigo and I sat in the kitchen watching the action and drinking beer – it doesn’t get chiles rellenosany better than that – at least until the eating begins.

The women all worked well together assuming different parts of the project almost without communicating.

First the seeds need to be removed from the large poblano peppers. These peppers are said to have originated in the nearby city of Pueblo. There are a lot of eggs, some flour, tuna and cheese stuffing, and of course oil.

As a somewhat more than casual observer, we can report that there is indeed a good amount of effort that goes into the preparation of this dish.

We being the oldest male of the group were served first. The preparation part was just dying down when we broke into our first golden fried relleno. Then the real chaos started with men and then kids being served by these culinary angels. Their hard work entitled them to eat last while they took turns heating tortillas to go with the rice, beans and chile rellenos.

A community activity that was good from the concept to the consumption. The community here in the Hood is as warm and delicious as the collectively prepared food. We are guessing this does not happen much north of the border. Just one of the many reason to be south of the Rio Bravo del Norte.

John Calypso lives outside Veracruz, Mexico, as well as Puerto Escondido. Back in the 60s, he was a very hip guy living in Hollywood and rubbing shoulders with Beatles and Monkees. Read lots more in his blog, Viva Veracruz.

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