Superconductor In Your Shower

Curly stoogeScientists seeking a superconductor that works at room temperatures should perhaps refocus their search on bathrooms used by teens and post-teens.

Now that I have several nocturnals under my roof for the Summer, I've noticed a distinct absence of traction when attempting to enter the shower in the morning: The floor of the bathtub seems to be a true frictionless surface.

I have to tell you: Nothing wakes me up quite so fast in the morning as being unable to find my footing in the tub. On the positive side, I now do a mean imitation of Curly Howard every morning -- woo woo, woo-woo-woo!

My hypothesis is that the lotions and potions used by the nocturnals are responsible for this phenomenon. There is now a bottle of something in my bathroom called "body wash." This liquid serves a function similar to soap, apparently. I think this substance is used by Middle Son because I've seen this product shower flowadvertised as providing 'maintenance for your man suit.' I think I can figure out what a 'man suit' is; I have been so far unable to ascertain why actual soap is inadequate to my son's needs.

I don't know if this is the only substance responsible for the slippery surface in the tub. There are also multiple shampoos and creme rinses and body rinses that my daughters have installed in the shower area. It may be that it is a combination of these liquids, deposited over the course of the day, that results in the phenomenon I'm now experiencing in the mornings.

If reputable scientists will not explore this issue, I will volunteer to accept a substantial government grant to investigate this matter further.

Curmudgeon is a self-described dinosaur -- an Ozzie and Harriet person living in an Ozzy and Sharon world. And sometimes it confuses the heck out of him. He writes a very amusing blog at Second Effort.

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