58 chevy impalaA Long and Winding Boomer Road

A car biography is like a map of your life. Case in point:

*58 Chevy Impala convertible (mother’s car, greatest chick magnet in auto history)

*58 Cadillac Coup Deville (father’s car)

*58 Nash Rambler (older brother’s car)

61 Cortina (lost in a poker game but 58 nash ramblerthe engine was shot)

62 Volkswagen Bug (cherry red,drove from Illinois to California, where it belonged)

66 Thunderbird 4 door (father-in-law’s car loaned for honeymoon)

69 VW Bus (stolen, never recovered)

70 VW Hatchback (transmission went bad, couldn’t fix, junked)

74 Dodge Country Squire station wagon (antiques business, totaled, suffered a broken pinkie) 64 t-bird

79 Pontiac Grand Safari station wagon (antiques business)

81 Delorean (coolest car I ever owned, girlfriend—a professional belly dancer—ended up with it, end of story)

84 Ford E350 Cargo Van, windowless, super suspension (antiques business, graduating to furniture) 91 delorean

90 Mercedes (second father-in-law’s car loaned for honeymoon)

69 Mustang (back to the future, early midlife crisis)

02 Lexus E300 (a Toyota Camry with almost imperceptible upgrades, which cost $5000 more)

46 Ford Woody Station Wagon (full blown midlife crisis)

04 Mercedes C-Class Mini (Italian vacation rental, unavailable in the U.S.)

09 Lexus E330 (why did I buy this car again?)

*driven without license and/or permission


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