Soundscape CD Opens Closed Chakras

My original intent was to create a CD with seven soundscapes; one for each of the seven main chakras. As a composer/sound designer, I researched the relationship between the frequencies of light and sound and found a correlation. The math and physics seemed to make sense, but I wasn't sure until I started testing the CD's tracks. Some people just don't get it, but others in the same room listening to the same CD reported feeling energy in parts of their bodies that I was targeting with my compositions. I didn’t tell them what parts of the body to expect feelings in. That’s pretty exciting.

First Chakra

From Ty Ford on Vimeo

Keeping chakras healthy is important because blocked or poorly functioning chakras show up in the body a good 18-24 months before a serious health condition. Blocked chakras are like the canary in the coal mine. A blocked chakra can be opened by a good chakra balancer, but if forces are strong enough, the chakras will soon return to being dysfunctional. Finding the source of the problem isn't always easy. It could be mental, physical, the result of a toxic relationship, disease, medical condition or some combination of them.

Universal Chakra

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On a simpler level, although it wasn't part of the plan, the eight tracks of the Chakra Symphony CD relax some listeners so much that they drift off into sleep. These are stressful times. A lot of people are having difficulty sleeping. I have one client who recently suffered a mental breakdown and is seeing a psychiatrist and a psychologist. He told me the CD provides a space into which he can slip off to sleep pretty easily. I’ve tried it and it’s happened to me and my wife as well. I put a warning on the CD label that people shouldn’t drive or operate in any way that might endanger them if their attention wanders or if they nod off.

Non-pharmaceutical sleep aid or meditation soundscape, the Chakra Balancing CD seems to help those in need of stress reduction. Find out more here.

Ty Ford is a former broadcaster, now audio producer, voice over talent, writer, guitar player, videographer, composer, sound designer, etc. And he's never bored. Learn more at

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