Packing for Paris

suitcaseTomorrow I head to Paris, and I dunno, what the heck. I'll have whatever is necessary and if I don't, I'll wear a lot of att-i-tude. But the recent spate of cold weather and snow in France does have me a bit flummoxed. Comfort and warmth versus chic-enough? But what I've learned is that it really doesn't matter... within parameters.

Footwear is always the most perplexing. And given the cost and trouble of extra check-in luggage, I am determined to take only one suitcase for 2 weeks; so, lots of boots and shoes are not in the cards. This despite the Christmas stockings, and presents for Miss Bee and Harry when we all reunite in Provence. (I'm letting Harry transport the Nestle's chocolate chips and Skippy peanut butter for his sister. I'm bringing the stack of New Yorkers and her forgotten clothing items.)

Ah. Footwear. Paris. Anxiety. Should I take (a) brown shearling-lined matronly, totally warm suede boots, (b) my tall black-leather equestrian boots, or (c) my favorite new over-the-knee grey suede Stuart Weitzman zingy-make-me-feel-hip boots?

Answer is: middle-of-the road (b). Waterproof enough, not the warmest, but I'll stop at the basement of BHV and get shearling slip-in soles to keep my tootsies insulated from the French chill.

What else am I packing for 2 weeks in France? Not that you suitcaseasked, but here goes:

  1. a few pairs of straight-legged black jeans and one pair of blue jeans.
  2. one all-purpose dress that will work for both Christmas Lessons and Carols at the American Cathedral and zippity-splashy for New Year's eve (I learned the hard -embarrassing - way that that le Reveillon is the one event that is never casual in Paris.)
  3. a few cashmere v-necks, to be worn over scoop-necked or v-neck T-shirts.
  4. whatever pjs I take, There Will Be Slippers.
  5. a variety of warm shawls for wrapping around the neck
  6. my shearling jacket from Peau d'Eve
  7. accessories: so lightweight and filled with variety
  8. the earth's smallest folding umbrella
  9. wearing the boots, taking a pair of black loafers and a pair of black ballerina flats. (Egad, no heels. Will I regret it?)
  10. a collapsible Longchamp bag for the return trip. I always bring back more than I take!

Have I forgotten anything?

Polly is a Boston born Baby Boomer who lived on the Left Bank in Paris and is still blogging about it at Polly-Vous Francais. © 2006-2011, Polly-Vous Francais, all rights reserved.

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