Show Me the Discount

license plateGuess what? When someone mentions the term senior citizens, they’re talking about you. Really.

This point was driven home for me when I read an article about cell phones with extra large numeral buttons. The author wrote that the phones were “designed for Baby Boomers, which these days is code for ‘seniors.’” Who me? I need a geezer phone with jumbo numbers already? I haven’t been called a senior since I was in my last year of college!

So that’s it, too bad, so sad -- “baby boomers” is now code for senior citizens.

All these discounts and give-aways took me by surprise, but if you were born in 1947, you are now qualified for the Senior Citizens National Park Service Seniors Pass. You can also get reduced fares on many forms of public transportation. The Hyatt Hotel chain has senior rates for age 62 and over. You can get 15% off on Amtrak trains. Same for Greyhound Bus. And just for being 55 and over you can get discounts at Arbys, Banana Republic, Burger King, Chili’s, Hardy’s, IHOP, and Wendy’s. Marriott Hotels give you a 15% discount and Choice hotels will give you 20-30% off if discount signyou’re over age 60.

So it’s not all bad. You’re a senior citizen with benefits (get your mind out of the gutter -- not those benefits!). The joints may creak (if they have not been replaced yet) and some muscles may ache, but Taco Bell will give you free drinks. You may need two different pairs of glasses, but if you can see the screen you can get a discount on tickets at Regal movie theaters.

Want to know how get more reduced prices? Check out They have a list of 118,000 discounts. You have to pay for a membership to get at the full database, but it could pay for itself in no time when you add up all the discounts you could be getting.

Feeling a little shy about stepping up and asking for a senior discount? Get over it. You’ve earned it. Go ahead. Take it.

Jay Harrison is a graphic designer and writer whose work can be seen at DesignConcept. He's written a mystery novel, which therefore makes him a pre-published author.

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