Being in the Place of “Not Knowing”….And Embracing It

columnsYour whole life is ahead of you … maybe you know where you’re going, and maybe you don’t. Maybe you’re scared …. That’s okay. But don’t let that stop you. I constantly live in the place of “not knowing.” We all do.

Life can change on a dime! And, it often it changes for the good. What are you willing to do to create life as you want it rather then waiting for it to just happen to you? Can you let it show up? Can you be open?

My whole goal at this point in my life is to let my life invent itself … to see how it shows up AND, at the same time to help point the rudder in some of the directions I want it to go.

Being self-employed is a challenge.. I don’t have as much work as I’d like. So, here’s where I get to choose what’s next.

I get to think outside the box for new ideas

• I get to inspire prospects to see things newly and differently
• I get to distract myself with fun, pleasurable activities arch openingso that I’m in a good, positive space to withstand the challenges and be fresh and ready for what does happen.
• I get to learn something new for myself that will help me
• I get to feed my spiritual soul … by meditating, seeing beauty, honoring my beauty, reading, journaling, etc.

Sometimes I feel like curling up in my bed, under the blanket and not coming out … but I NEVER do that. What I do instead …. I stand up, put one foot in front of the other and move forward. I never, ever, ever, give up. I might worry, fret a bit, get negative and whiny … but it always goes away and leaves the door open to trust, love, positivity and being productive.

So, what might you do differently now after reading this very short little piece? How will you go out into the world, in spite of the “not knowing” and follow your path?

Ann Fry calls herself Head Boomer but she's also a professional speaker, trainer and corporate coach. You can read about her company at It's Boomer Time or check out her blog or have fun solving serious problems at Humor University.

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