A Hearty Meal and Hops-based Beverage

I took a day of vacation today. I just wanted/needed a day off, and the timing worked out. I slept soundly until 7 a.m. It was one of the best night's sleep I've had in awhile, but that might be because I was up most of the previous night cleaning up cat barf. Our furry little freundchen was very sick, but he's on the mend now, and all is right with the world.

If the kitty ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

What to do with this miraculous day off? I had a list, which I promptly ignored. Puttered around a bit in the morning and decided I would play golf. I walked 18 holes in the heat, but I had an umbrellakelp promo and kept hydrated. My game sort of sucks right now, mostly because I don't play often enough. That's my excuse, anyway. It was fun just the same. As I told my husband, I'm hitting the ball well, but a poor chip here and a bad putt there, and pretty soon you're looking at a 95.

Came home, took a dip in the pool and spent just a smidgen of time in the sun to even out my golf tan. Did a little work-related work, which I really don't mind since it didn't eat up the whole day. Surfed the internet and read a blog post by a mid-life blogger exclaiming the wonders of jello tea or something like it to lose weight. I mean, everyone's gotta do what they've gotta do, and I respect that, but it made me sad just the same. I thought, that was something we did in our 20s. Does anyone remember the apple cider vinegar diet? What was the rest of it? Lecithin? Kelp?

Then there was the DQ. This is what my husband and I call the Dinner Question. We don't go out to eat often. He misses it more than I do, so I said, hey, I'll be all mellow and relaxed after a day off. Let's go out on a Wednesday! He oysters and friesslobbered with gratitude.

We decided upon fried oysters and fries. Fried dinner. We do it once or twice a year. They were so delicious. I dipped my french fries in the tartar sauce. I ran out, and my husband gave me his. In the middle of dinner, poking down oysters and slugging on a Harpoon IPA, I made a pronouncement. I said I am so glad I am not some delicate little thing worried about every little calorie and every little imperfection. I don't want to be the woman trying out weird shit to stay thin. I want to be the fit woman who works out hard and then eats a hearty meal accompanied by a hops-based beverage.

And that's who I was today. And it was good.


Donna Pekar authors a blog called Rock the Silver, about aging with panache. It's about being fearlessly gray and relentlessly cool.

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