South of the Border Bathroom (T)Issues

Mexican toiletThe bathroom experience is quite different south of the border. For those uninitiated there are areas of Mexico where the flushing of toilet tissue is not allowed. You need to deposit your tissues in a container next to the tasa (toilet).

You might imagine that in a public setting this can be rather disgusting. Even in public restrooms where everything is flushed away often the environment is left in despicable condition.  Lack of consideration for one’s fellow men behind closed (stall) doors runs rampant regardless of the country.

Add to this an open container with spent toilet tissues in a public setting and well you get the idea – not pretty.

We have stopped at public restrooms in Mexico where there is a bucket of water to fill the back toilet tank after use; and of course the occasional soil pit outhouse. But, even in some very nice public places you will leave your soiled tissues in a waste container.

The other day we were viewing a partially completed casa for sale. In the bathroom there was a fine dark green toilet. But the base of the toilet was covered more than half way up with smeared cement.

Here in Mexico many times you will find instead of using a wax seal to affix the toilet to the drain pipe the toilet either rocks on the pipe or it has been cemented to the floor.
If the seal between the pipe and the toilet effluent exit is leaky – then merely cement around the bowl so the fluid doesn’t leak out on the floor area – you might imagine what collects beyond the pipe connection within the toilet base.

I have read of Mexico travelers Bandito seatothat travel with their own toilet seat. The hinged seats are not common around these parts. Our rental for example which was brand new when we moved in was without  toilet seats.

You might consider bringing your own, although don’t plan on bolting one down anywhere – the toilet seat bolt pattern is different in Mexico. You will have to buy one south of the border to get a fit.

While toting your own bowl seat cover might seem extreme – do not travel without your own toilet tissue. It is often not found in public restrooms.

ˇManténgase Sintonizado! (i.e. Stay Tuned)

John Calypso lives in Veracruz, Mexico. Back in the 60s, he was a very hip guy living in Hollywood and rubbing shoulders with Beatles and Monkees. Read lots more in his blog, Viva Veracruz.

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