Go Ask Your Mother...

50s momI'm talking widom here. You know, those immortal sayings that taught us valuable life lessons? Words of wisdom passed down through the generations to you. And I bet you caught yourself saying the same things to your kids. " Just wait 'till your father comes home" or "Go ask your mother."

I'm wondering if through the years, some of these sayings have changed because our world has. For example, "You better eat everything on your plate. There are starving children in Korea." Do parents now say the same things to their kids except change Korea to Africa? I suspect these quirkey expressions become part of our DNA and then one day, these valuable words just automatically leave our lips to be passed on to some unsuspecting child. I have made a short list of some from my memory bank. I am sure you will recognize many of them. So, I am asking you, in your comments to share some of what you remember. Why? Because I said so!

"You made your bed, now lie in it."

"Smooth move Ex-Lax!"

"If the shoe fits, wear it."

"Don't kiss the boys or you will get pregnant." "If I have to stop this car...."

"Were you born in a barn?"

"Two wrongs don't make a right."

"If they jumped off the bridge, you would too."

"Children should be seen and not heard." (would Dr. Spock object to this?)

"If you had another brain it would be lonesome."

"You're so far back in the woods you can't see the trees."50s mom

"This too shall pass."

"Waste not want not."

"Don't be a tattle tail."

"Close the door, I don't pay good money to heat the outdoors."

"Either in or out."

"Money doesn't grow on trees."

"If you cross your eyes they will stay that way."

"Wear clean underware in case you have to go to the hospital."

"Be home before the street lights come on."

"If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all."

"Your eyes are bigger than your stomach."

"You would lose your head if it wasn't attached."

"Don't take any wooden nickels."

OK, you're it, now it's your turn.....

Joyce Welling believes that once a hippie, always a hippie. She continues to be on a magical mystery tour and writes the blog I Am A Boomer, where she frequently dips into the pool of our collective nostalgia.

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