Why Boomers Rock

Forest GumpWhat’s the greatest American generation? That’s something that will always be contested, of course. There is our parents’ generation, the ones who fought in World War I and World War II and pinched pennies through the depression, while raising a herd of kids. Not too shabby. On the other hand, you’ve got the Mark Zuckerbergs of Generation Y, kids creating the tech that shapes the way we live today – for better or worse. Between it all, there’s the baby boomers, children of one generation, parents of the other. And still one of the best American generations, in my opinion.

Boomers Have Seen the Evolution of Modern America

As wonderfully cheesy as it is, I always think of the movie “Forrest Gump” when I think of the boomers. For me, the movie is a fun, if not realistic, journey through post-war America to the America of (almost) today. Forrest was a boomer himself and, like the others of his generation, he saw and participated in many of the movements and events that have spawned modern America.
There were the cultural movements: The sexual revolution, civil rights, women’s rights, and the revamping of the American workplace that came with it. There was the Cold War and the constant threat of nuclear attack. Boomers have also witnessed and experienced the change from a manufacturing-heavy industry back then to the information-based industry of today. I feel this switch has been especially momentous and far-reaching.

They’re Still Changing with the Times

While boomers have “been there, done that” more than most American generations, the amazing thing about them is that they’re still going strong. While our parents dreamed of retiring to someplace sunny and living out their days on a Forest Gumppension, the reality for many boomers is different. I have friends who started new businesses in their 40s and 50s, who have grown knowledgeable about overseas manufacturing and production after earning an online international business degree. Others are turning to world travel or settling down in Costa Rica, Belize, Argentina, and other international locales. The boomers are still on their toes and as unafraid to change as ever, and that’s why this generation rocks.


Mark Van Patten writes a blog called Going Like Sixty and has been married to the same woman since 1968. He's pulled up stakes and moved to Costa Rica so stay tuned!

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