Taco the Iguana

shower iguanaAfter more than ten days with Taco the iguana hanging on the bathroom shower screen, we consulted a local vet (little reptile experience I am afraid); then Google. There was not much information about reptile home invasion or extended stays in one’s shower – as you might imagine.

A couple of days ago I dislodged the screen providing more ‘turn-around’ space for the big guy – But Taco refused to budge.

We read they can go quite a while without eating (several weeks). So, no worries there. But, it was suggested that iguana pets should be sprayed or misted with water now and again. So we misted Taco – even though he is not a pet per se; however he was rapidly heading toward that status.

Well the mist job first seemed to startle him; then he relaxed into it – there is hardly anything you can do but relax when you are squashed between decorative cement and a screen – really. He now had a literal cold water flat; well not so cold water.

A couple hours later I checked on him and he was gone! We grabbed the vacuum, cleaned the area and breathed a sigh of relief for not having to worry further about the cold blooded, now cold watered visitor.

A couple days went by Taco-less. Then yesterday while sitting at the computer upstairs I heard rustling in the roof (which as most of you know is a palapa – palm frond covered affair).

I sensed by the loud disturbance that this was Taco the iguanamore than a bird messing about. I feared Taco was back and headed to his shower window reserve.

I went out to the landing area of the outside stairway to see if I could locate the disturbance and then discourage him. As I am leaning over the railing to gain a view here comes Taco spiraling head over back legs towards the corner of the roof and then ‘PLOP’ he landed on the ground two stories down – on his back.

He rolled over appearing mostly unphased. I clambered down the stairs concerned that he was OK. All the while rhetorically asking him aloud if he was OK?

There we were face to face as we have been many times in the last few weeks – but this time there was no barrier between us. We were eye to eye just feet apart. I knew he recognized me; and further that probably I was not a threat – after all we had seen each other naked and all.

Who would have thought a postage stamp lot three blocks up from the beach would provide a wildlife refuge for reptiles? And some rather nasty looking scorpions – they WILL NOT become pets in any way shape or form here.  SCORPIONS NOT WELCOME – the rest of you -- ¡Manténgase Sintonizado! (i.e. Stay Tuned)

John Calypso lives outside Veracruz, Mexico, as well as Puerto Escondido. Back in the 60s, he was a very hip guy living in Hollywood and rubbing shoulders with Beatles and Monkees. Read lots more in his blog, Viva Veracruz.

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