company storeStrike at the Kennecott Mine

Nineteen forty-nine
Strike at the Kennecott Mine
Marches, picket signs

Workers excited
Injustice, we will fight it
Tempers ignited

No teachers, No school
For a fourth grader, how cool
Holiday? You fool

Picket fires bright
Miners march and sing all night
Child’s paradise

Over is the fun
Police and Bosses are one-
Women, children, run!

How will we bare it
open pit mineCompany store, No credit
What you have, share it.

No work, a sad song
The Strike has lasted too long
No one is that strong

Time to make a dash
Pick up the kids and the trash
Beg relative’s cash

To the Big City
To lose our naievete
Ho, What a pity


Ricardo Jose is a former developer turned craftsman/property manager who's still exploring his options. Just don't ask him if there is a heaven.

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