New Baby Boomer “Live-In” Dating Service

boomer coupleI want to get married again…or not. I wouldn’t mind having a “better-than-just-a-roommate” companion, but I can’t quite define what I mean, and how do I find you if I can’t defineyou? I don’t like being alone but where to connect with someone who is on the same wavelength without going through a long and possibly disappointing dating adventure?

It’s understandable that baby boomers are hesitant to jump into new midlife relationships after a life-time of mixed experiences. Legal and financial issues also get more complicated. The opportunities to meet “eligible” people seem to diminish as time goes by.

There is a new dating/mating provider that focuses specifically on co-habitation for those over 50. It’s origin is India, but this idea has universal legs.

Baby boomer co-habitation is hardly a pop culture headline anymore. What used to be the province of the rebellious young is now the province of the rebellious old (er), who a generation ago were those rebellious young.

This may be the next step in the aging but still active boomer couplebaby boomer sexual revolution. What distinguishes “Live-In” from normal services is that the goal is not just dating companionship or even marriage, but a mutual living arrangement. This may or may not be conjugal, may or may not lead to marriage, and may not last.

At a stated minimum, it brings together people with the same general goals who are willing to take a calculated chance under guided conditions. Each arrangement is negotiated by the individual parties and reflects their particular personal and financial needs.

This is an elegant social/entrepreneurial “niche” idea with a chance of survival.

Terry Hamburg writes the Baby Boomer Daily about the exciting and revolutionary baby boomer years.

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