Ode To Oatmeal

hot sauceEven though by itself, to me, oatmeal tastes like wall paper paste, it has many healthy attributes. Lowering cholesterol is one of them. I have been trying to cajole flavor out of oatmeal so that mornings would be more fun. How to dress it up?

Many people like to add sweets, but I don't need or want the sugar hit. Plus, I'm not really ready for sweets first thing in the morning. My recipe began in Las Vegas. I added chopped bacon and hot sauce. I know, bacon is not exactly a low calorie health food. The experiments continued and now I make a savory oatmeal that is a great wakeup dish.bacon




For one small bowl: (I usually double the recipe and that's only 200 calories)
1/3 cup quick oatmeal
2/3 cup water
2-3 table spoons of olive oil
A dusting of curry powder
A dusting of paprika
A dusting of cayenne pepper
7 dashes of houtsauce
1 chopped clove of garlic
3 table spoons of egg whites. (this is a low cholesterol recipe)

Mix together in a bowl.
Cook in microwave for 1:30, stir.
Cook for another 1:30 or until the consistency you like.


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