Could Melatonin Help You Live Longer As Well As Sleep Well?

melatonin pill 1Will Melatonin win out in the end in it's battle with the big pharma companies who seem intent on making bigger and bigger profits out of our misery. It can hardly be shock that claims for Melatonin are quickly put down by the manfacturers of the multi million dollar Lunesta and Ambien. Melatonin costs just a small fraction of their price and is freely available without prescription.

By Graham Waite

However it would appear Melatonin has kept an ace up it’s sleeve as now it is believed it can do so much more. Melatonin a natural hormone has been shown to have serious anti aging melatonin monsterproperties that can leave you looking and feeling younger. Additionally Melatonin also is now been shown to aid the protection of the cells of the body against diseases like cancer and Alzheimers. As well as all this Melatonin stimulates the release of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) .

Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant. It destroys disease-causing molecules called free radicals at an amazing rate. And it does something most other antioxidants don’t: It stimulates extra antioxidant enzymes that can protect against everything from wrinkles to illness.

For anti-aging benefits, take just 0.5 mg of melatonin a day. To help you sleep, take between 1.5 mg and 2 mg before going to bed. If you have a chronic disease, like cancer, a stronger dose of 20 mg to 40 mg before bed melatonin tabletis recommended.

With such claims it might be tempting to take the higher dosage without discussing it with your doctor don’t as it may not be effective for your needs.From my personal experience as a sleep aid take melatonin at least 1-2 hours before going to bed to wake up refreshed the next morning. Nursing or pregnant women should avoid the use of all hormones and supplements without a doctor’s supervision.

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